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 To increase the production,renew the working equipment and improve the capability of producing and processing, our company LZQ wants to buy a range of high-precision and high-automatization CNC mutli-functional grinding and processing machines,mutli- function laser processing center,ultra-high-precision wire walking equipments,small, micro-seven-axis, six-axis CNC equipments, optical curve griinding machines, PC, internal turning, external turning and double-sided CNC grinding machines,both new and second-hand are acceptable. Besides, we are after the most advanced automatic equipments for hard alloy and high cobalt soldering, and for small-scale heat treatment. We warmly welcome the manufactures of the equipments we refer above to send us the drawings, catalogues by email. Instructions about the producers, who are competitive in business, are appreciated,too.


2019年2月28日 10:02
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